When You Are Fighting:

  1. NO saying you can do things that are not on your character.
  2. NO going against the referee unless you seriousy think they made a mistake.
  3. IF you have a Kido when doing the Kido you MUST link your Kido from Bleach wiki or link a video of it so the referee will know what the Kido is.
  4. NO telling your opponent what they can or can't do that is the referee's job and if the referee doesn't do that they will lose their job.
  5. You can NOT use your Bankai/Ressurecion until the Battle Monitor private messages you that you can do so.

Updating your CharacterEdit

  • After you participate in a battle you recieve EXP and Money, this can be used to increase your EXPerience Gauge. After reaching 100% of this gauge you can increase a characteristic of your character including:
    • Swordsmanship
    • Shunpo / Sonido
    • Hakuda / Hand to Hand Combat
    • Kido / Cero
  • Each characteristic can be increased to respective levels such as ( Requires ):
    • Swordsmanship Specialist > Expert Swordsman Ship Specialist ( 300% ) > Master Swordsmanship Specialist ( 500% )
    • Shunpo / Sonido Practitioner > Shunpo / Sonido Expert ( 200% ) > Shunpo / Sonido Master ( 500% )
    • Hakuda Practitioner > Hakuda Expert ( 200% ) > Hakuda Master ( 400% )
    • Kido / Cero Practitioner > Kido / Cero Expert ( 200% ) > Kido / Cero Master ( 400% )

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