Hikari-No Seishin

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Sazuki Shizumi, Ryuzaki Kudosagi,


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Hikari-No Seishin (光の精神/Spirit of Light) , is a skilled but young Quincy.He is very strong and agile.He is also friendly.Hikari is 15 years old.


He is a slender size.He also wears a regular Quincy attire, and he has black hair.He also has a white blindfold around his eyes.He is blind, this goes with his translated name, Spirit of Light, showing that there is still light even though being blind is like being in darkness.


A free-minded person who loves to explore and meet new friends.He tries his best every day to get better and better at being a top Quincy.He is very strong in battle.While being blind, he doesn't let that be an excuse.Hikari is also excellent at finding a Hollow.He can find them in at least 9 miles.Sometimes he can be hardheaded and does what he thinks is right and correct, but that's exaclty what his friends like about him!


Hikari has a pet albino Kyuubi;she is noted out to be the first ever Kyuubi with white fur, with her being an albino.Her name is Kyubiya.One form she is only small and cute, but in her Battle mode, she is larger with flames on her feet and the tips of her tails.She also gains the pearly white teeth of a Saber-Tooth Tiger.Kyubiya has helped Hikari many times, they've known each other as young childhood friends (even though with her being 10,000 years old which is considered young in Kyuubi years).

Hikari has also a spirit in his Quincy Arrow, similiar to a Zanpakuto.Kai-Ryoku (Chi Force), is the Arrow's spirit.Kai-Ryoku is a cat-like Spirit.It is like human, Kai--Ryoku has cat ears and a long tail.She is also equipped with battle-ready retractable claws.She has cat-like reflexes, strong sense of hearing and smelling.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Hikari is so strong and skilled he has developed his own levels of Kido:

Attack KidoEdit

Hado Number 1:Likon-This Kido transforms the target into a small cat

Hado Number 2:Sudestro Chan-This Kido wraps up the target in a sticky web-like substance, this completely immobolizes the target until they can break out.

Hado Number 3:Elemental Break-Traps the target in a box in a diverse space, forces of water, earth, fire and wind strike at themin a direct hit.

Hado Number 4:Genkai:This Kido makes the target fall under the influence of the user, however, this only last for about 20 minutes.

Hado Number 5:Strater:The user shoots a giant blue orb at the target, this inflicts fairly major damage.