Sazuke is a Shinigami that tends to work in the darkness, he usually executes his attacks swift and silently. He usually has a great ability to hide his Reista so that he wont be tract.

Sazuke Shizuki
Race Shinigami
Birthday 20th December
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 6 "1"
Weight 8.4 stone
Professional Status
Occupation Shinigami
Base of Operations Soul Society
Personal Status
Education Media Deploma Level 3


Shikai Mutate Zadaraikai


Sazuke is a 17 year old male, with Blonde hair, with a few streaks of purple colour running around the fringe. He has dark blue eyes, and pale white skin. Sazuke often wears dark clothing with his Zampaktou by his side. Sazuke's clothing is a dark attire with a gold guilded leather around the edges, with a black scarf.


Sazuke is an outgoing person, which cares for others, and tends to be quite enthusiastic, although if he doesn't know you Sazuke tends to be anti-social, and very weary of the surroundings. He can be quite aggressive if he feels threatened by what others do if he doesn't know them.


Sazuke has had somewhat a troubled past where his assieties get to the best of him, he is weary of his surroundings and people around because of this. He tends to be quite worried of other's thoughts and always feels there is a threat close by. Sazuke over the years has had another personality develop whos name is 'Yang', yang tends to be ruthless and has a constant hatred towards others, and all he wants is to cause suffering. 'Yin' is just Sazuke normally, where he is kind and generous, he tends to think of others before himself, and doesnt care of his own status.

Zampaktou - ZadaraikaiEdit

Zadaraikai is a mutation blade (突然変異のブレード / Blade of Mutation). This Zampaktou's spirit is a female and is actually very ruthless in battle, yet kind if she likes you. Zadaraikai has the ability to take genes and use them to help her and her owner improve, but this use of genes can only be taken and used when in Shikai and above.

Zadaraikai Spirit

The hilt of the katana is four upward facing spikes which are quite sharp, and there is a pattern engraved in the blade. The hilts fabric is a purple colo

Zadaraikai Katana


Shikai: Zadaraikai release command is "Mutate Zadaraikai". It Shikai form seems to be a mutating and moving blade with no real true form. Zadaraikai's Shikai form allows the ability to morph its physical shape into what ever shape is desired and able to steal opponents genes.

Skills and AbiltiesEdit