These are the basic wiki rules.

  1. Everyone deserves respect.
  2. Please don't be jealous.
  3. When criticising someone critisize them as nice as you can to not hurt their feelings or hurt their feelings as bad.


  1. Don't make your character too overpowered because no one will be able to beat it, so make it fair.
  2. Don't say anything in the comments like your character sucks.
  3. Add your characters, Appearance, Personality, Powers and Abilties, and Zanpakuto/Fullbring/Doll.
  4. If Soul Reaper add your Shikai and Bankai.


  1. Do not be bias when refereeing a battle. If you do you will immediately lose your job.
  2. Referee with good detail(like tell when a person is bleeding)
  3. No personal comments when refereeing like saying "you should've attacked from behind".


  1. No spamming, you will only be told once.
  2. If you have a problem in chat address it to Mixoris or any other Admin we will try to fix it.
  3. Do not try to jump in other people's battles.
  4. When someone is battling you are allowed to cheer for them but don't abuse the cheering because the referee needs to see what the battlers have done.
  5. If not cheering don't talk.

Those are the basic rules for now. More will be added soon.