Hello Mixoris the founder here. I am here to tell you how to get started. So just follow along with me. Before you look at this page go to Races to pick your race for your character then come back here. This is for creating your character.

1. PictureEdit

Please have a picture for your character. If you can't find one contact me Mixoris for me to help you find one. If you want a certain picture but want it to be a different color contact me or Callum6939. Never use anybody elses picture from the wiki.

2. AppearanceEdit

Please put your appearance so we can know the details of what your character looks like. Do not put stuff that you can see clearly on the picture but put the parts you can't see or can barely see.

3. PersonalityEdit

Add the personality for your characters so we can know what kind of person you are.

4. Powers and AbiltiesEdit

Use this to help you: If you are a Soul Reaper go to Soul Reaper pages, if you are an Arrancar go to Arrancar pages, if you are a Bount go to Bount changes, etc.

5. Zanpakuto/Fullrbring/Doll/WeaponEdit

Describe the section you have.


Tell the name, add what it looks like, and provide a picture.

Shikai/Ressurrecion: Add the release command, add what the Shikai/Ressurrecion looks like, and provide a picture. Add it's abilties like what it can do. For Ressurrecion add the Attacks in the same format as Bankai.

You can have more than 2 abilties just didn't wanna keep adding more and more.

Bankai: It is the same thing with Bankai add the abilties(like if it makes you faster or stronger or makes you do long range attacks). Describe what the Bankai looks like and if you can provide a picture. Also add the attacks it does.

  • Attack Here:
  • Attack Here:

For more help go to: Go to the Zanpakuto sections of Soul Reapers.


Samething with Fullbring tell the name, add what it looks like, and provide a picture. Also add what it can do. Then add it's Attacks here with Bullet Points.

  • Attack Here:
  • Attack Here:


Tell the name of the Doll, describe how it looks and provide a picture and add what it can do(abilties). Also add how you command it(do you tell it what to do, ride on it, use it as a weapon or armor, let it fight, etc.). Add it's attacks in bullet points under.

  • Attack Here:
  • Attack Here:


Instead of putting weapon as the title put what kind of weapon it is as the title like for example Katana as the title. Under that tell the name of the Katana. Put what it can do if it can do anything. Put it's attacks at the bottom in bulet points.

  • Attack Here:
  • Attack Here: